Woman Who Broke Her Knee

It was right smack bang in the middle of yet another lockdown. The lockdown was inevitable owing to the sudden rise in new infections as a result of what was being branded as the second wave. And there is now talk of a third, or even a fourth wave of infections as new mutations of COVID-19 emerge. But experts are confident. They are brimming in confidence that their assortment of vaccines will be able to counter these new mutations.

In the meantime, a woman was working in her garden, save from the virus, you would imagine. She is good for her age, all seventy-six years of it. But no matter what her condition, she is at a vulnerable time in her life. So, should she slip and fallÂ…

And so it did happen after all. She slipped and fell. And in the process, it transpired that she had broken her knee. It was already brittle, as it turned out. But fortunately for her, she did not required a total knee replacement. This was thanks to her above-average condition of health and wellness.

It turns out that she is a lot healthier than most women her age. But would she listen? No. In spite of the kindest efforts of her loving husband and their caring sons, she was not as careful as she should be for a woman her age. It could be said that her passion for the garden got in the way. But thankfully, she is overly cautious in pretty much most areas of her life.

total knee

And so it goes that the elderly couple remain relatively safe from the latest version of the virus. But then the darnednest thing happened. The old man went deaf. In both ears too.